Nous Entertainment LLC is an independent production company focused on the development, marketing and distribution of film and television programming aimed at balancing entertainment with issue-driven content.

In the past decade, several dynamic forces have converged to make Nous Entertainment a reality. Today’s technology, content distribution models and a changing economic environment have paved the way for emerging production companies to successfully conceive of, and execute on, compelling programming and stories. Our venture and private equity-funded business model provides us the flexibility to strategically partner and support projects that align with our mission and goals – distribute inspiring, illuminating and entertaining stories that celebrate the human intellect. Nous Entertainment is an east coast-based Limited Liability Corporation.

Our Leadership

The firm’s mission and goals persisted, separately, within the hearts and minds of co-founders Adam Scherr and Suzan Binder for decades before Nous Entertainment was officially created. Following a routine coffee meeting, the long-time friends serendipitously recognized that they shared a passion to elevate the visibility of inspiring narratives and programming. At that time, Nous Entertainment LLC was formed and has grown rapidly to include the leadership and counsel of several prominent leaders in distribution, venture financing and private equity.

Adam Scherr, Co-Founder, Executive Chef

Adam leads operations for the production company, oversees its film and storytelling projects and creates its philanthropic partnerships to align entertainment with impact. His background in business management, media relations, social causes, as well as film and theater drive his cross-discipline approach to managing Nous. 

Throughout his career, Scherr has directed teams and organizations to bring complex topics and stories to life. As a National Media Director for a Pulitzer Prize-winning organization, Scherr led a team of more than 70 health writers in covering health journalism and editorial comment for the owner of The Christian Science Monitor ( Scherr is a writer on several of Nous’ productions including its flagship film, Abide and is a co-creator of Savage Manor,” a TV series currently in development.

Prior to founding Nous, Scherr created Infinitee Kids Corp., a high-end children’s apparel line carried by Barneys, FAO Schwarz and hundreds of retailers across the U.S., Canada and Europe. He lives in New Jersey with his wife, two boys, two dogs and a bird, Little Jerry Seinfeld.

Suzan BinderCo-Founder and Chef de Cuisine

Suzan is the creative and energetic force behind Nous Entertainment. Her tireless commitment to artistic pursuits and her cause-centric interests serve to drive the creative direction of the company and its partnerships.

Amy Thompson, Communications & Menu Manager

Amy is a communications professional who leads strategy and program management for several well-known global brands. She is a Vice President at one of the world’s largest Public Relations consultancies.

For media inquiries, please contact Amy Thompson: 202.297.3462;