image from Brooklyn All American

Brooklyn All American

Our story is unique and compelling with a broad demographic appeal. We start in Brooklyn, travel to Louisiana, and reach our conclusion back in Brooklyn. Our protagonist, Moishe Katzov, succeeds in finding his true self against all odds. It’s a culture-clash comedy of errors that has him being pushed and pulled in unimaginable directions. Our narrative is noble, graceful, raunchy at times, and above all, a spirited comedy- drama featuring Jews from Brooklyn, Louisiana Cajuns, Goth girls, Sorority vamps, unkosher foods and a key ingredient—football!

image from The Night Swimmer

The Night Swimmer

Laurie Weltz is an award-winning writer, director and editor. Her first film, Wrestling with Alligators, premiered at Sundance, where it was nominated for the Grand Jury Prize. The film was released theatrically and on video and television. Laurie’s second feature film, About Scout, was recently released both theatrically and on VOD and DVD. Based on her award-winning script (PAGE and Champion Screenwriting Awards), the film stars Ellen Burstyn, Danny Glover, Jane Seymour, Nikki Reed, India Ennenga and James Frecheville.

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image from Yankee Tripper

Yankee Tripper

Joe Pepitone, a kid from the Brooklyn overcomes an abusive father and a near fatal shooting to became a New York Yankee star. But the lure of fame was too much of a temptation and Joe threw it all away on drugs, women and wiseguys. He returns to the one place he calls home and the one man who can turn it all around.

image from Abide


Abide (previously titled, “Proud Mary”) is the true story of the writer’s family, and centers on a young, black, Christian girl from Indiana and her eventual rise to become the Yiddish speaking matriarch of a large Jewish family in Baltimore. It chronicles the life of Mary Sharpe and her despair over the sudden loss of her family as a result of a train crash in rural Indiana. Eventually a twist of fate brings her to the Levine household in Baltimore, where over the ensuing years of her life, and through love, laughter and tears, she rises to the role of beloved Matriarch.

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image from Griffin’s Ghost

Griffin’s Ghost

In this tension-packed psychological thriller, protagonist, Griffin Kidder is a career New Yorker with a strong yearning to be a mother. Ready to start a peaceful life outside the city, Griffin and her construction-savvy husband purchase a dilapidated house to renovate, only to discover the suburban home already has residents: a scarred family of apparitions. After relentless torment by the youngest of the spirits, Griffin finally confronts the ghost. Only when their unusual connection deepens, does she realize the true threat isn’t inside the house.

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image from Forbidden Cuba

Forbidden Cuba

He wanted a promotion. He got a revolution. “A timely feature to seek out … Forbidden Cuba is very timely, exploring the potential for U.S. exploitation of Cuba now that the borders have opened. Finishing it involved multiple hidden cameras, shooting without permits, and the filmmakers’ undergoing hours of scrutiny from government figures, but none of that treacherousness is felt here. It’s an unexpectedly gentle, easygoing film, like Local Hero and a version of Martin Sheen’s search for Marlon Brando in Apocalypse Now.

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image from The Whole Story Podcast

The Whole Story Podcast

The Whole Story is a podcast modeled after that panel discussion at storytelling festivals that you always miss. Asher and Julia talk with the most influential and inspirational storytellers and producers on the scene today. They get to the nitty gritty of storytelling, discuss the words behind the words and dissect what makes a storyteller a storyteller. You’ve heard the stories, now get the whole story about who they are, what makes them tick, and where their stories come from.

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