Abide (previously titled, “Proud Mary”) is the true story of the writer’s family, and centers on a young, black, Christian girl from Indiana and her eventual rise to become the Yiddish speaking matriarch of a large Jewish family in Baltimore. It chronicles the life of Mary Sharpe and her despair over the sudden loss of her family as a result of a train crash in rural Indiana. Eventually a twist of fate brings her to the Levine household in Baltimore, where over the ensuing years of her life, and through love, laughter and tears, she rises to the role of beloved Matriarch. From the fear and torment of a threatening relationship, Mary finds a safety net in this quirky family’s unconditional love.

Creative Team

Coodie Simmons, Chike Ozah


Coodie Simmons and Chike Ozah, (aka, Coodie and Chike) are the talented, award-winning, and directorial duo behind work featured in high profile outlets and venues including ESPN, MTV and at the American Black Film Festival. Their latest project, The First to Do It – a documentary on the life of Early Lloyd, the first African American to play in the NBA – premiered at the NBA All-Star Weekend. They worked with executive producers including Carmelo Anthony and Tony Parker on this important piece.

Notably, they directed the music video for Kanye West’s breakthrough hit “Through the Wire.” Their feature-length credentials include Muhammad Ali: The People’s Champ and Benji, an ESPN 30 for 30 documentary.

Adam Scherr

Writer, director, producer

Adam Scherr is the co-founder of Nous Entertainment where he drives the creative vision for the production company and its film and storytelling projects. Adam leads the development of strategic and philanthropic partnerships for the company, helping to align entertainment with impact. His diverse background in business management, media relations, social causes, film and theater brings a cross-disciplined approach to managing Nous Entertainment and its mission.

Adam is the co-writer, director and producer of “Proud Mary,” a biographical film currently in pre-production. He is also serving as producer of the films “Griffin’s Ghost,” and “Judas Horse,” which is based on a true story. Adam is also the co-creator of the television series, “Savage Manor,” which is currently in development.

Throughout his career, Adam has successfully directed teams and organizations to bring complex topics and stories to life. As a National Media Director for a Pulitzer Prize-winning organization, Adam led a team of 60 health writers helping them navigate the wild west of health journalism and editorial comment for the owner of The Christian Science Monitor.

He has extensive experience facilitating business culture turnarounds for a client roster that includes an international church, film-makers and professionals across many industries. Among his most prized accomplishments is founding Infinitee Kids Corp., a high-end children’s apparel line carried by Barneys, FAO Schwarz and hundreds of retailers across the U.S., Canada and Europe.

Adam lives in New Jersey with his wife, two boys and dogs.

Suzan Binder

Executive Producer

Suzan Binder, Co-Founder and Chef de Cuisine, is the creative and energetic force behind Nous Entertainment. Ms. Binder’s tireless commitment to artistic pursuits and her cause-centric interests serve to drive the creative direction of the company and its partnerships.

Staci R. Collins Jackson


Staci R. Collins Jackson brings decades of experience in entertainment and communicates to the Nous Entertainment team. One of the most accomplished communications strategists in the entertainment business, her clients include: Charles D. King (Executive Producer of the multi-award-winning Fences), Jesse Collins (Executive Producer of ratings juggernaut The New Edition Story), and Hollywood director Tim Story (highest grossing African American director in the world). She is the publicist for Mudbound, which opened at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival to high critical-acclaim and resulted in the highest sale at the 2017 festival. 

Her previous roles include Director of Communications at Harpo Studios and publicist for Oprah Winfrey. As VP of “Ebony” & “Jet” magazines she oversaw the corporate communications for both of these top publications. She is currently the CEO of the Collins Jackson Agency.

Luke Taylor

Executive Producer

Luke Taylor is the co-founder and COO of Buffalo 8 Productions, a feature film and digital production / post-production company with credits including award-winning films such as As You Are, Little Men, and a new Netflix Original film set for an April 2017 release from director Spike Lee, Rodney King.

Taylor also is co-founder and COO of BondIt Media Capital, a film and television financing firm with over 250 transactions ranging from micro-budget projects to $30M films as well the underwriting of media assets and film libraries. BondIt has been involved in the financing of Aftermath (starring Arnold Schwarzenegger), 31 (from director Rob Zombie), King Cobra (starring James Franco and Christian Slater) and the cult indie hit The Invitation. Taylor has managed multi-million dollar productions, overseen high-level film finance transactions, and served as Executive Producer on multiple award-winning films that have premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, the Berlin International Film Festival, and SXWS.

Rafael Alvarez


Rafael Alvarez is an author and screenwriter based in Baltimore and Los Angeles.

A former City Desk reporter for the Baltimore Sun, Alvarez is the author of ten books, including the short story collection “Orlo & Leini,” and most recently a non-fiction anthology titled “Crabtown, USA.”

Alvarez wrote for the first three seasons of the HBO drama “The Wire” and recently finished a script for a feature film about the Nazi occupation of Greece.

His TV writing credits include “The Black Donnellys” and the Damian Lewis police drama “Life,” both on NBC. He has been nominated for a Pulitzer Prize and an Edgar Award.

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